Deep Pore Mask

Banish Breakouts

Consciously Crafted with Charcoal & Clay. White & Elm’s Deep Pore Face Mask banishes breakouts and neutralizes oily skin. This powerfully absorbent mask deeply draws out toxins from the skin leaving a smooth and flawless complexion. Our Deep Pore Mask is the mask you want for neglected skin or busting blackheads!

White & Elm's Deep Pore Mask is EWG VERIFIED™.  Learn more about the Environmental Working Group's rating for White & Elm's Deep Pore Mask at

ewg verified facial mask


Bentonite clay’s drawing power opens pores and deeply cleans out toxins and impurities. It removes excess sebum that causes overly oily skin. Antibacterial properties of the clay help to dramatically speed the healing of acne. The skin may show slight redness after application of this mask due to the Bentonite clay increasing blood circulation to the skin.

Activated charcoal powder is not absorbed by the body. However, it is used topically to absorb thousands of times its mass in harmful substances. Say goodbye to oil, dirt, and other harmful substances from clogged pores.


Combine 1-2 teaspoons of facial mask in a bowl with a liquid of your choice. Mix into a paste. Apply with facial fan brush or fingers avoiding eye area. After 5-15 minutes, remove mask by rinsing gently with warm water or steaming with warm cloth. Use twice per week or as a spot treatment for active acne.

Made with 2 Ingredients

Ingredients: Bentonite (Clay), Charcoal Powder (Activated)

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