I’ve always had an obsession with beauty products. Growing up in the retail beauty industry I became quite the “beauty junkie”.  But like many others, I’ve struggled with acne, skin sensitivities, and an inconsistent complexion.  All my knowledge of traditional beauty products didn’t help my skin at all, in fact, it seemed to make it worse.  I felt like I would never have normal skin, let alone beautiful skin.

I realized I needed a lifestyle change. I filled my kitchen with whole organic foods. I began juicing, practicing yoga and running. And then I took a radical step: I began making my own skin care products from plant based ingredients.

The results were incredible. I had renewed, clear and glowing skin. I knew I wanted to share this experience with others. This is why I founded White & Elm, built on the belief that good for you can be beautiful.


To Health & Happiness, 

Sherelle Reed
Founder & CEO