Reshaping the Beauty Industry: What you need to know.

February 25, 2016

Let's play pretend. Imagine you are hunting for a new skincare line that will take good care of your precious face, that will keep your glow humming along. So you visit the usual stores and notice the labels - even the organic labels - resemble your organic chemistry final from college. 

You ask yourself, "How can all these synthetic, unpronounceable chemicals possibly be good for me?" That was us. This is White & Elm's creation story and it is how we decided that every single product we make needed to be simple, approachable and effective. We are reshaping the beauty industry.

We do so because sensitive, reaction-prone skin will be happier with fewer ingredients. Because harsh, petroleum-based chemicals might be appropriate for your car's engine, but they should never touch your face. Because these botanical, plant-powered ingredients are superior at nourishing both your face and your whole body.

White & Elm's ethos really is the answer you've been hunting for.

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