Answering Our Own Call for Food-Grade Preservative Skincare

by Corey Radman March 02, 2016

White & Elm got its start because we believed there had to be something better out there. We wanted quality, food-grade preservative, organic skincare that didn't make our skin cranky. Months of searching store shelves and shopping boutique lines convinced us that the products we really wanted weren't out there... yet.

We believe that incredibly effective skincare should also be incredibly good for you. All of our products contain 100% natural and organic ingredients that are formulated without the use of toxins, synthetics, or harmful chemicals or nasty preservatives. So, whatever skincare product you use, it will be good for you, your home, and the earth.

White & Elm means skincare you can count on. 

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Corey Radman
Corey Radman

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