How to Bring Back Your Youthful Glow: Anti-Aging for the Modern Woman

by Corey Radman March 29, 2016

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For a lot of years, I could get away with any old, grocery store moisturizer and some soap. Those were days when anti-aging skincare really wasn't on my priority list. My 20-something skin could go out drinking, sleep in my makeup, and still wake up looking great. 

As I crept closer to 30, something changed. The glow was duller. The lines around my eyes and mouth more pronounced. Beauty mags suggest my collagen-rich years are waning. Perish the thought!

Using the Antioxidant Daily Serum, the Balancing Toner, the Eye Serum, and the Exfoliating MicroGrains, my dewy skin is coming back. The MicroGrains help slough off the dull, dead skin on my face while strengthening the skin cells (behold, the power of oats!). The serums both contain hefty proportions of avocado oil. 

Avocado oil has outstanding regenerative properties as it penetrates the skin more deeply than other oils providing superior nutrients within the skin. It's filled with vitamins A, B1, B2, D, and E, Pathothenic acid, amino acids and other fatty acids. And... Avocado oil increases collagen production upping skin strength and elasticity. (Cue the trumpet fanfare!)

I really do love these products. They're bringing back my youth.  Try them for yourself. You'll see results, I promise.



Corey Radman
Corey Radman

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March 17, 2017

Do you have products (facial moisturizer) for aging skin? I am 60, fair skinned and have wrinkles. What products do you recommend?

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