How to Help "Green" your BFF’s Beauty Routine!

by Emily Doyle November 03, 2015

We all have that friend that thinks they are using green beauty products. The keyword there is Thinks. Many brands that market themselves as “green” or “natural” really are not.

Next time that friend claims that her “natural” face wash is a green product, instead of rolling your eyes and letting it go, try pointing her toward the ingredient list on the products she uses!

Ask her to tell you what each ingredient is and the second she comes upon some synthetic substance that she can hardly pronounce, you can say, “See? That’s not natural!”

Tell her to do some research; she can even look at your own W&E products as a reference as that what really is natural skin care!

If you’re feeling extra generous, let her try some of your favorite W&E products and there’s no doubt she’ll see the difference between her own “natural” products and real green skincare.

Set your girlfriends straight! That’s what real friends are for, right?

Emily Doyle
Emily Doyle

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