An Anti-Aging Secret: The Magic of Facial Massages

August 27, 2015

Here at White & Elm we love for things to be simple, low maintenance and of course natural, so we would never dream of going under the knife to keep our skin looking young. Instead we’ve opted for a more simple and non-evasive method for anti-aging: facial massages!

Can rubbing your face really keep your skin looking young and radiant? Sounds too good to be true, I know, but yes, yes it can!

Sorry to add to your workout routine… but just like the rest of your body, facial muscles require exercise to keep you looking younger!

So how exactly does it work?

Well, first and foremost, facial massages relieve tension in your facial muscles. This tension, whether it’s in the crease between your brows or the corners of your lips, is a huge factor in the formation of wrinkles!

By releasing this tension you are relaxing the muscles in your face and preventing your skin from creasing.

In addition, facial massages increase blood and oxygen circulation under your skin, helping to eliminate toxins and make your skin glow!

We suggest using our Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil and massaging into your skin for 1-5 minutes every day, focusing on areas of tension.

And Voila! You’ll look younger and more radiant in no time!

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