Oil Cleansing: The Secret to Acne-Free Skin

July 21, 2015

When I first heard about using oil to clean your face, images of whiteheads danced in my head.

Why would we want to slather oil on our faces when we’re told that too much oil is the very cause of breakouts? Isn’t that the reason oil-free cleansers are all the rage?

Well, it turns out, that oil cleansing won’t actually make you breakout, in fact, even Acne.org has recommended oil cleansing as a way to reduce and heal acne breakouts.

In reality, it’s actually bacteria, dry skin cells, and hormones that cause breakouts, NOT oil.

The natural oils on your skin are there to protect and heal your skin.

And that’s the very idea behind oil cleansing.

Most cleansers will strip your skin of those oils, leaving your skin unprotected. Oil cleansers, on the other hand, work to deep clean your pores AND replace your natural oils with beneficial ones extracted from natural botanicals.

Take our Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil for example. We combine eight different natural oils to create a product that cleans deeply into your pores without over drying your skin.

Sunflower Oil is high in linoleic acid, which naturally helps heal acne and prevent future breakouts. All the while Avocado Oil, with it’s high content of Vitamin E, helps to heal and protect skin and the antioxidants fight free radicals keeping skin soft and free of wrinkles.

Other skin-benefiting oils include Castor oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Neroli Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Chamomile Essential Oil and SO many others.

Forget the “Oil = Acne” myth and give an oil cleanser a try! It may sound weird now but hey, I bet the first person to make S’mores thought that was a weird combination too, and look how great that turned out!

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