The Key to Making Healthy Skincare Rituals

May 07, 2017

Hello Beautiful! 

What is the key to making healthy skin care rituals? Believe it or not, it’s as simple as creating intentions that you will turn into actions. So start with an intention and make it simple. It’s easier to implement small changes at first and then get more complicated once you get the hang of it. Maybe your intention is to wash your makeup off EVERY night. Even on those nights we get super lazy or fall asleep reading on the couch. Yes, it’s easier to just climb into bed, but your skin will pay the price. Trust us!

Creating a daily skincare ritual for yourself gives you an opportunity to experience the moment. By committing to a ritual we not only see the immediate benefit for our skin, but we also begin to see patterns that evolve. Much like in yoga when your asana feels different from day-to-day. Only when you begin to see patterns can you begin to understand your skin. 

So let’s get started, what are self-care rituals all about anyway?

This is the area of life that, for most of us, falls to the wayside when life gets busy. Practicing self-care rituals creates mindfulness and brings balance into your life. This is important, even if we just start with a simple skin care ritual or routine. When we stop prioritizing self-care, everything else follows suit—your confidence is depleted, your energy is zapped, you may break out or look worn down.  

When creating a healthy skincare ritual, we recommend eliminating, as may variables as possible. Think of this as your mini science experiment. You have your control (which should be your White & Elm products) and your variable (your skin).   Many of us have experienced the frustration of falling prey to a particularly enticing marketing campaign for a new skincare potion, only to find our skin rebelling as soon as we ditch our tried-and-true clean products. There’s another great reason to stick to White & Elm only. The products are specially formulated to work together. 

It can take up to 30 days since average cell turnover is 28 days to begin to understand how a product is improving your skin. As I have discussed in previous posts, there is an adjustment period for your skin to get used to new products and for your skin to produce healthy, positive results. So, if you find something that feels good and is effective, it is best to stay the course.

Of course, as your skincare expert, I have a few skincare intention ideas for you! Read on beauties!

Use an SPF daily:          

No matter what your daily skincare routine looks like or how often you adjust it, rain or shine, January through December – everyone needs at least an SPF 15 every day. On your face is a great start, but you'll earn major healthy-skin bonus points if you apply to your neck, décolleté, arms, and hands as well.

Learn to Listen to Your Skin:

With the rest of your routine, learn to "listen" to your skin. After you cleanse and tone, most people will need to adjust the amount of moisture that they're applying to their skin over the course of each month. Even if you think you have 'oily' skin, your complexion may vary from very oily to slightly dry over the course of each week even. So, you should adjust the moisturizer that you're using as needed.  Again get good at paying attention to small changes in your skin.

Clear, beautiful, glowing skin… here we come! As always, we thank you for your continued support, and if you have any skincare questions or concerns with your current White & Elm routine, I am here to help you.

You can always email me at with questions.

xo~ White & Elm