Face Mapping: Is our skin trying to tell us something?

February 07, 2017

Hello Beautiful!

As we move into the second month of the new year, WE (White & Elm) want to continue to focus on our skin care goal that we set for the new year. Our plan was to learn to love our skin again. Understanding and listening to what our skin is trying to tell us. Working with it and not against it. Doing all of this, helps us reach our goal of having beautiful, clear, glowing skin. Keeping in mind that we have a few odds stacked up against us this time of the year. Winter being the big one for sure! With winter comes chapped lips and skin. Redness, irritation, new breakouts, rough skin overall. With all of that, we continue to march on… in quest of our goal, with lip balm and our Intense Hydration Cream in hand!  But what if there's more to what's happening with our skin?

If you followed my blog last month on Oil Cleansing, you might recall that I stated, our skin reflects what is going on inside of our body. Understanding that philosophy is the first step to having healthy skin. It begins with listening to what our skin is trying to tell us. As an organ itself (your body's largest in terms of both weight and surface area), skin protects against invasive bacteria, regulates body temperature, and picks up information from the sensation of touch, pressure, pain, heat, and cold. Little wonder, then, that when there's something going on inside of you, your skin sometimes sends out the first warning flare.

How many can say that most of the time we don’t listen to the warning signs right away, or at all? Until the flare ups, breakouts, rashes just get worse and start spreading to other areas of our face and body. At this point, you finally take action and schedule an appointment with a specialist or pull up google and try to be the specialist yourself. I can say, that I have been there and done that. Because I do get it and understand that most people don’t think past the skin’s surface. We really must slow down and notice the subtle cues. While these symptoms could be an indicator of something more serious, most likely it points to the need to change some habits and make healthier choices for your overall health and well-being. Before you go about banishing imperfections, find out how your breakouts and lines correspond to your physical and emotional health. This technique is one that I was taught in my esthetician program and I have continued to use throughout the years, it is called face mapping.

An ancient practice rooted in Chinese and Ayurvedic teaching. Connecting a point on your face to an organ or body part, so that you know how to treat the symptom internally. While you are also caring for your skin on the outside with clean, safe and effective skin care products.

Understanding Face Mapping: Breakouts and other problems in the forehead area often relate to a build-up of toxins in the digestive system and spleen. Symptoms include constipation or poor absorption of nutrients – side effects of overindulging in comfort or heavily processed foods. Focus on cutting back on sugar, and start narrowing out foods to which you may be intolerant.  Breakouts here could also be due to hair products as well. Something to keep in mind, especially if you have bangs.

Redness, flakiness or excess oil between the brows can relate to a stressed liver and possible allergies. If you have problems in this area it’s wise to cut back on “happy hour” and fatty foods, which are hard for the liver to process. Try drinking water with lemon. It’s a wonderful way to start your day! Also, consider cutting back on dairy. Fine lines or wrinkles in this area can relate to stress on the liver and stomach and hint at a need to relax and slow down. Easier said than done, I know! 

Dark, baggy, puffy skin under the eyes indicates a sluggish kidney or bladder due to stress or lack of sleep, so it’s important to try and replenish kidney adrenals with an early night and with plenty of water. Steer clear of food that dehydrates the body, like coffee, alcohol and fizzy drinks. 

Our cheeks represent our respiratory system. Which is under constant attack from smoking, passive smoking, and other air pollution daily. As our body struggles to cope, this can cause problems like spots, puffiness or broken capillaries on the cheeks. Traditional Chinese medicine recognizes the lungs and colon as yin-yang organs that work in harmony, so keep both in balance for good health and get plenty of fresh air! Problems here can also relate to digestion issues, so add more fiber to your diet, boost your intake of fruit and vegetables. Another simple tip to keep in mind if you break out on your cheeks regularly, is to clean your cell phone frequently, especially if you are on your phone often. The bacteria that builds up on your phone over time, I cringe just thinking about it!

The area where the side of the eye meets the corner of the cheekbone relates to gall bladder function. Problems here could relate to the way your body metabolizes fats. Emotionally, problems here relate to our ability to face challenges and deal with conflict.

Above the eyes relates to spleen function and insulin resistance – problems here can be prompted by a carb overload! Another reminder to eat clean and drink plenty of water.

Redness on and around your nose (including broken capillaries) can be a sign of congestion in internal organs due to a diet that is too acidic and high in animal fats and protein. Switch to good fats like avocados.

Lastly, the chin and jawline are common spots for breakouts (especially around period time), so it’s hardly surprising that these areas are linked to stress and hormone levels. If this is a constant problem area for you, focus on regulating your sleep cycles and of course your diet, and consider asking your physician or naturopath for a blood test to check your hormone levels. Speaking from experience, it was an “aha” moment for me!

So, if you have been dealing with the same frustrating, bothersome skin issues for some time now, think about all this the next time you look in the mirror. Also, keep in mind if you have skin care questions, concerns or would like help with your current White & Elm regimen, or would like me to create a new regimen for you email me at esthetician@whiteandelm.com.

I look forward to hearing from you! 

We thank you for all of your support!


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February 07, 2017

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