Are You Making These Common Acne Mistakes?

December 19, 2017

Acne, pimple, zit -- no matter what you call it, pesky skin blemishes plague the best of us. Out initial reaction, when we have a breakout, is to immediately extract it whether we apply layer after layer of spot treatment, scrub it to death, or pick at it. It seems like there is an endless supply of products that promise to alleviate acne and prevent it. Whether you are the victim of stress-induced pimples or struggle with chronic acne, finding the best treatment and keeping the blemishes off your face isn’t the easiest task. To make things simpler, we compiled a list of common acne mistakes and what you should do to fix them.


4 common acne mistakes

Not washing your face enough

In our previous blog, “Why Your Beauty Sleep May Be the Reason You Are Breaking Out”, we documented the hazards of going to bed with your makeup on. Just think of all the places you’ve been in a day. The pollutants in the air stick to your skin causing sweat and oil clog your pores. In addition, your makeup sits on top of our skin for about eight hours each day adding to the chaos your skin endures. All of those things combined is the recipe for a breakout. Although there is no strict rule as to how often you should wash your face, the recommended amount is twice per day -- once in the morning, and once before bed. Some dermatologists suggest actually washing your face twice at night. Once to break up the makeup, then again to clean the skin itself. Be careful, though! There is such thing as washing your face too much which will also cause breakouts. When you over wash your face, the skin dries out causing it to produce more acne-causing oils. To easily avoid this, we suggest using a face wash that is oil-based so your skin can maintain its moisture, ourDeep Pore Oil Cleanser is great for this!

Not using moisturizer

While people who suffer from acne believe that a moisturizer will cause the skin to be more oily thus causing more breakouts, the opposite is true. Moisturizing the skin will actually help improve acne. As aforementioned, when the skin is dehydrated or dried out it produces acne-causing oil. Moisturizers help to repair and rebalance oil glands which control acne and help improve scar healing.

Only using acne products when you are having a breakout

For those of us who are not acne-prone but do get the occasional breakout, perhaps the biggest mistake you are making is not using products that help with acne. Instead of treating pimples as they appear, it is much more effective to treat them before they even surface. The best way to do so is to use a gentle product that contains a small amount of salicylic acid every day. Another way to avoid breakouts is to constantly change out pillowcases and bed sheets. If you accidentally fall asleep with makeup on or without washing your face, that dirt and grime will transfer to your pillowcases and bedsheets and your skin will always be exposed to it until you wash your bedding. It is also important to change out the towel you use to wash your face for the same reasons. Anything that touches your face throughout the day (including your phone) should be cleaned in order to maintain a flawless complexion.

You are eating the wrong foods

Our diets don’t only impact our body internally, but externally as well. Eating the right foods and drinking a lot of water benefits your skin in tremendous ways. For the clearest skin, it is best to stay away from sugary, highly processed foods. It is also good to indulge in anti-inflammatory foods. This can include dark leafy greens, blueberries, and broccoli. Other foods that help reduce acne are skin boosting superfoods like sweet potatoes, eggs, nuts, legumes, and quinoa.

Acne doesn’t discriminate against anyone, but being well informed on how you might be able to reduce the severity and frequency of your breakouts can only be beneficial. White and Elm has an amazing line dedicated to combating breakouts without the use of harsh, often artificial chemicals. If you have any more questions on how to reduce acne, leave us a comment below!


The White and Elm Team