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WINTER IS COMING: Combat the Cold in 5 Easy Steps

Combat the Cold in 5 easy steps

As the leaves begin to change and pumpkin spiced lattes make their way into our daily routines, it is important to keep in mind that our skin is not going to have the same warm glow as it did during the summer. The colder fall and winter months reduce humidity levels which causes moisture to be stolen from our delicate skin. In order to combat winter dryness and continue to have healthy radiant skin clear until the new year, here are some changes you should make to your beauty regime:

Combat the Cold in 5 Easy Steps showersTake lukewarm showers. Although a steamy shower sounds like the best remedy to fighting off the cold, it wreaks havoc on your skin. Especially when you take long, hot showers or baths. Winter months slow down a number of natural oils your skin is producing because it is directly correlated to the amount of moisture in the air. Staying in a hot shower strips the already diminishing natural oils from your skin causing dryness and flakiness. If you would rather give up reality tv than a hot bath, then try to keep the shower no more than 15 minutes long and at least wash your face and hands at a cooler temperature since those are the areas that tend to be most exposed to harsher weather.

combat the cold in 5 easy steps moisturize Change your moisturizer. A heavy, dense moisturizer can leave the skin feeling oily during the summer, but during the winter your skin is thirsting for the extra hydration. Oil-based moisturizers tend to help your skin retain its moisture during the winter months better than a water-based moisturizer.

Combat the cold in 5 easy steps exfoliateExfoliate. When winter sweeps through and dries out your skin, all of the dead, flaky skin cells are left on the surface awaiting exfoliation. This can lead to a dull complexion and even clogged pores. Moreover, your skin cannot drink up your moisturizer if the dead skin is too plentiful. While a physical exfoliant, one that uses beads or granules to buff away dead skin, might be too harsh for the winter climate, opt for an exfoliating mask instead. Exfoliating masks gently dissolve the top layer of dead skin leaving behind new, glowing skin. Just be careful not to overdo it on the exfoliating; 2-3 times per week is more than enough!

Combat the cold in 5 easy steps SunscreenDon't forget your SPF. Just because the days are cooler, doesn’t mean the sun rays don’t peak out. Sun damage does not discriminate against weather. When it snows, the amount of UV light is actually increased because of the reflective white surface blanketing the ground. Unless you have UV protection-treated windows, the sun rays that peak in from the window of your living room, office, or car can cause sun damage. To avoid wrinkles, freckles, and aging, integrate a safe SPF into your morning routine year round.

Combat the Cold in 5 Easy Steps hydrateDrink Up. In the winter, we tend to drink less water and instead opt for our favorite seasonal hot coffee or tea (I’m thinking about you, PSL). By drinking a lot of water, we can hydrate from the inside out helping our skin to maintain its glow when cold weather strikes. Another helpful way to hydrate from the inside out is to eat food with a high water content. Unfortunately, watermelon isn’t in season during the winter, but other melons, apples, oranges, cucumbers, tomatoes, zucchini, and celery are easily obtainable.