Sustainable Skincare that Sustains YOU!

February 18, 2016

The paucity of time is the number one challenge women combat. It's why we're racing around all the time. It's why we so often feel overwhelmed. 

It's why we always put ourselves last.

Given a choice between finishing up the kitchen cleaning, letting the dog out, emptying lunch boxes, or applying a facial mask, most women choose the clean up duty. After all, the former will get stinky faster. The latter is what makes you feel good, though.

We at White & Elm are just as neglectful about these duties. My last mask was 3 weeks ago, but I feel so much better when I get in at least 1 per week. That's why a weekly ritual is important. If every Sunday evening, you blow off the pots, settle in with John Oliver and let your mask dry, that's half an hour of total me time. Seeing your favorite show on will remind you. 

The pots can wait. Sustain yourself instead.

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