Find Out More About Our Scrutinizing Standards: Organic, Vegan, and Simply Formulated Skincare

March 08, 2016

For years, we searched for a product that fit our scrutinizing standards. We never could find organic, vegan, simply formulated products that also actually worked, so we made our own. In this process, we realized that your skin doesn't need 30 + ingredients to be happy. Other companies have those super-long ingredient lists because of shelf life. National distribution, retail inventory, and consumer habits have all fueled the notion that skincare products must be able to sit on your cabinet shelf for 2 years.

Nay, we say. In giving up that idea, we were able to take out all of those harsh, skin-harming preservatives. Our formulas are safe for at least 12 months in extreme conditions. We would prefer you use them much faster than that because they'll be more effective the sooner you use them up.

Embrace the simple difference with White & Elm.

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