Why Organic Skincare?

March 24, 2016

At White & Elm, we are committed to organic ingredients. We are, in fact, working toward USDA organic certification. Why?

We believe that food-grade-preservative, organic products are better for your whole body. Yes, we want your face to be absolutely stunning! But we don't want your lymphatic system, your intestines, or your liver to suffer in the process. In conventional skincare, a whole slew of toxic components are perfectly legal. They include mercury, dioxins, ammonium laurel sulfate, and others. Many of these compounds are easily absorbed by your skin but have no exit route. Thus they collect in your organs, potentially causing health problems.

Your moisturizer shouldn't make you sick. So, natural, organic and non-toxic skincare is our motto... and our promise to you. Because we love every bit of you, even your guts. 


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