Solving the Mystery of Reactive Skin with Simple Skincare

December 29, 2014

When White & Elm founder, Sherelle Reed, first started experimenting with handmade skincare, it was just in her bathroom for herself. She says, “I couldn't understand why my top-of-the-line skincare products left my skin radiant one day and then freaking out the next.” By reading ingredient labels, Reed began to see that she could never get to the bottom of the breakout mystery by eliminating ingredients one by one. All of her expensive, reputable cleansers and creams contained well over 20 ingredients. Many were lab-created, unpronounceable chemicals that were made with petroleum. So, she researched and formulated her own moisturizers and cleansers, relying on organic products that were pure and preservative free. The results have been amazing.

As she shared with family and friends, Reed began to see that this small-batch approach really gets at the core of what many people truly need. Hypoallergenic skincare is created by using natural, identifiable ingredients. White & Elm promises to use only what is necessary for your skin. If your skin is reacting to one particular ingredient, it's not too hard to figure out what it is and avoid it by buying a different product.

There's an elegance in simplicity. Learn more about White & Elm products at

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