The Secret Behind Truly Sustainable Skincare

by Sherelle Reed December 29, 2014


The word sustainable has been bandied about in recent years in association with all kinds of green trends. Sustainable homes, sustainable yoga mats, sustainable lunch bags... Honestly, it's lost some of its meaning with all this use.


Merriam-Webster offers 3 definitions for the word: able to be used without being completely used up or destroyed involving methods that do not completely use up or destroy natural resources able to last or continue for a long time


White & Elm offers sustainable skincare in every sense of the word. We source from fair-trade organizations who ensure that we aren't depleting finite resources or employing unfair labor practices. We use only plant-powered ingredients that are renewable and leave behind no chemical waste in their production. We created formulas that really do last a long time; they are powerful enough to use small amounts and still achieve results.


There is power in creating product with such integrity. We are proud to offer our skincare products to our community. Find more about our ingredients and sustainable skincare products at

Sherelle Reed
Sherelle Reed


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