Preservative-free skincare may be different, but it's so much better.

May 31, 2015

preservative free skincare

If you are used to purchasing jars of creams, the White & Elm model might be a new experience for you. Many of our masks and exfolients come in a powdered form. This approach is a part of our commitment to provide preservative-free skincare. By not liquifying the formulations, we don't have to find a way to keep them from spoiling. Traditional lotions and creams contain alcohol to keep creepy critters from developing in your face cream. Alcohol does nothing good for your skin. Creepy critters... well, eww.


Instead, our preservative-free approach allows you to mix a small amount of powder with water as you need it and keeps the rest dry and waiting for next time. This extra step is the key to keeping your face glowing and beautiful. Smart, no?


Check our our full line of powdered masks and exfolients as well as the rest of the White & Elm family at

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