The Best Holistic Supplements for Runners

October 14, 2015

At White and Elm we believe the natural way is the best way, and not just when it comes to your skincare! We believe what you put in your body matters as much as what you put on it.

We love running, and we know it does amazing things for our bodies but it can also be hard on our bodies as well!

Holistic Supplements are a great way to replenish your body before and after you run!

Here are a few of our favorites that you beauties should try!:


This supplement should be taken about 30 minutes before a run. It works as an anti-inflammatory agent and as runners, we can have a tremendous amount of inflammation! Inflammation is caused by an influx of free radicals in the body and can stem from issues such as diet, lifestyle choices, digestive issues, and chronic conditions. Exercise is also a natural cause of free radical production.

Start using turmeric and you will notice improvement with stiffness, soreness, and overall well-being.


L-Arginine gives way to nitric oxide, which is a molecule that helps convert oxygen into a form that is more easily utilized by the muscles. Meaning an increased amount of oxygenated blood gets to the muscles, which would result in improved performance.

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