Celebrate Green Consumer Day with White and Elm!

September 28, 2015

Today, September 28th is Green Consumer Day, a day dedicated to encouraging purchasing only eco-friendly products of which does not pollute the environment!

Today is a day to celebrate you, our customers, because you have already made that step to purchase sustainable products! Good work, beauties!!

For this day we have been collaborating with some amazing beauty bloggers in order to highlight the “green” aspects of our brand!

The wonderful Kira posted this review on her blog “My Dear Bibliophage”. She points out the sustainable aspects of our brand and reviews three of our products, check it out for a different perspective on what makes us unique!

As if that weren’t enough we had Instagram Beauty Blogger Ardes (otherwise known as @beauti_fit_girl on Instagram and Tumblr) Also review our products, follow her and see what she has to say!