Why Powdered Face Masks are the Future of Clean Skincare

September 23, 2015

We LOVE face masks.

They’re an extra little treat after a long day of make-up, sweat, and pollution clogging up our pores.

At White and Elm we particularly love our own line of face masks because they are so different from anything else you’ll find; how? They’re powdered!

All you have to do to use a powdered mask is add a bit of water and voila!

But why do we powder our masks? Isn’t that just more work for you?

Well if you think adding water is work, then yes, but it’s SO worth it; hear me out!

We powder our masks because powder means strength, potency and no product aging!

All of the vitamins and minerals in our masks are preserved naturally without the existence of moisture in the mix. This means the quality and potency of the vitamins and minerals aren’t degraded before they touch your skin, so you skin gets to reap all of the benefits!

Additionally, by not adding water to the mix we are able to preserve the products 100% naturally and who doesn’t love that?

So give it a try! Treat yourself to one of our three amazing powdered masks, you’ll love it as much as we do!

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