The Contemporary White and Elm Woman

September 17, 2015

White and Elm is attending the Axis Show in NYC this week. Axis is a lifestyle trade event, which caters to the “new generation” of contemporary women.

That got us thinking… Who is the contemporary White and Elm woman and what makes her different from the rest?

The contemporary W&E woman pays close attention to what she buys and where she shops. Of course we all love the trendy big name brands but she tries to buy vintage or local whenever possible.

She cares a lot about what she puts into her body. She buys her produce organic and maybe even has a garden of her own where she gets her leafy greens!

She understands that you vote with your dollar everyday. She cares where she shops because she wants to promote better products and companies. The more you buy from the companies you believe in, the more of a difference you make and she understands that.

More than anything else, the contemporary White and Elm woman is a natural beauty; she holds herself with confidence and has a positive energy about her that draws people to her.

We can all be this woman with a little work and an open mind!

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