What is Indie Beauty?

August 04, 2015

August is here!

For many of us this means going back to school and the end of our beloved summer… bummer, I know.

But here at White & Elm we are super excited! Why, you ask?

Because our lovely Founder, Sherelle Reed, will be attending the Indie Beauty Expo at the end of this month! Woohoo!

What’s Indie Beauty? I’m so glad you asked!

If you want to get all technical and such, at its most basic definition, an indie beauty brand or retailer is simply a business that is independently owned, as in, it does not receive any corporately-backed funding to keep it going and its startup funds come from the shop owner him or herself…

Wouldn’t that mean all independently owned businesses are “indie”? Not quite.

Indie beauty is really about so much more; it’s a lifestyle and a community.

Indie beauty brands have a heart and soul that consumers can see in the products they buy.

We have a passion for quality, for sustainability and for community.

Being an indie beauty brand is not easy and that’s why having a deep passion for what we do is a must.

At White & Elm we show our passion through the quality of our products and our devotion to our customers.

We are particularly excited to attend the Indie Beauty Expo because we get to be a part of that amazing community and community is so important to us. Whether that means supporting other local businesses or collaborating with Indie companies across the country!

Want to be a part of this spectacular community yourself? Get your tickets for the Indie Beauty Expo by clicking here! We hope to see you there! #weareindiebeauty

Photo Credit:  Indiebeautyexpo.com

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