White and Elm Launches with Target.com

January 25, 2016


White & Elm has launched with Target.com! White & Elm products are crafted from natural and organically grown ingredients, free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and additives, and are socially and environmentally sustainable.

Target.com will feature bestseller's from the White & Elm facial collection. The collection of six unique plant-based products complete the ideal green beauty routine and are designed to deliver amazing results for every skin type. Included in the collection are: Rosehip & Argan Antioxidant Serum (an anti-aging marvel); Spirulina Green Superfood Nourishing Mask (a nourishing and skin-detoxifying mask); Sunflower Deep Pore Cleansing Oil (a cleanser and makeup remover); and more!

Founder Sherelle Reed started White & Elm to make green beauty products more simple, approachable and effective. “We really believe in the power of green beauty products. And partnering with Target, a retailer with amazing brand recognition and standards, aligns perfectly with our mission of making green beauty products more approachable.” Product prices range from $18 for the toner to $28 for the mask.

Get out your red card!  Shop White & Elm's products on Target.com.

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