Why is Fragrance So Bad For Our Health?

April 18, 2019

The scent of a product is one of the most important things to most consumers.  That seems right! We all want to smell great and have our products smell great too, so why doesn't W&E use fragrances? 

Fragrance: Find Out Why We Don't Use It

Most consumers are unaware that cosmetic labeling laws allow companies to use the word "fragrance" to not disclose all of the ingredients that they use in their products.  That's right!  Hidden chemicals can be found in most major skin care products.  

Most of the scents companies use are concentrated chemical formulations because it costs a lot less to make a lotion smell like cucumber when you use artificial fragrances.  

The Environmental Working Group Reports

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), of the 3,163 chemicals companies reportedly use to make consumer products, several stand out as particularly toxic: phthalates, octoxynols, and nonoxynols. Phthalates are potent hormone disruptors linked to reproductive system birth defects in baby boys. Octoxynols and nonoxynols break down into persistent hormone disruptors, as well.

How is White & Elm Different?

We simply keep most of our products unscented because they smell fabulous and clean just the way they are.  You won't find heavily scented products here. 

We use essential oils in several formulations primarily for the functional benefit they provide.  The added aromatherapy is a bonus!